Will I receive the "RAW", unedited files / video footage / photos? 


what is a "raw" file?

If you're here, you have probably heard the term "shoot in RAW" thrown around. 

RAW files are not the actual photo / video. RAW files are also not totally considered "unedited." They cannot be opened like a JPEG or Quicktime file (how we view most photos/videos on the web). Professional software and colorist knowledge is needed to open and edit the image.  

Video production- unedited video footage

The only instance in which you will receive the unedited video footage / files is if we are hired solely as "Cinematographer" (responsible for artistic camera and light operations onset).  Which in this case, we will not be shooting in RAW. On set, a "look" will be agreed upon by the Client, and baked into the footage (what you see on the shoot day, is what you get).  


The RAW, unedited files are not available for purchase.  You will receive a viewing site with a high resolution JPEG file of your selects.  

A special note from Andrew Lee Imaging regarding Instagram

Please refrain from adding "Filters" to your photos.  It's like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.  Furthermore, that would be putting our work out there in a way that is not representative about the quality of our business.  Thank you.