Why are your rates so high?


Our rates are competitively priced with other video production houses and photographers in the metro area, and are standard for the experience and qualifications you will be receiving from us. 

A Special Note from Andrew Lee Imaging:  In regards to asking for "Discounted" or "reduced rates".. 

When one approaches a professional for their services, they are truly asking for the skill of years of work. Whenever someone in our industry agrees to reduce their rate, that lowers the market value, and there'd be no industry. 

With the explosion of digital photography and inexpensive cameras, people often tell themselves, “My friend just bought a DSLR / iPhone and iMovie. He’ll shoot and edit for free to build up his portfolio!” That's tempting. Reflect on this notion. Does that sound like a person who considers their career / business / products as "important?" 

That is all and thank you.