What is Pre-Production?  How involved can I be?


This is the very first step in the process. The planning stage where the project is conceptualized. As the client, artist, or business owner, your involvement is critical.

- Inquire: Fill out the questionnaire to receive a quote.

- Consultation: Concept is created through collaboration with the client.  

- Budget Proposal: includes our rate for the project from beginning to end, equipment / vendor rental fee, location fees, crew fees, onscreen talent (or voiceover actor)  fees, etc.  

- Signed Contract and Retainer : Work will not progress past this point unless we have both.

- Script: a written sequence of events that will play out onscreen.  

- Shot List / Storyboard : Creating a visual interpretation of the script. This also helps us figure out logistically, where we place the camera/ talent / equipment.

-  Crew / department heads are hired: rental vendors, Hair/Makeup Artist, assistants, location managers (will vary based on the size of the project).

-  Location Scouting : Where are we filming this project?  Indoors or outdoors? Do we have access to power supply? Do we need permits?  

- Production Meeting: all of the key department heads together to make sure the production is on the same page.

- Scheduling: This is a logistical breakdown of how the shoot day will play out.