Is hiring a HAIR AND MAKE-UP ARTIST really necessary?

You should understand that hair styling and make-up for the camera is much different than the hair styling / make-up you wear everyday.  On the day of the shoot, onscreen talent needs to look their best.  A Hair and Make-Up Artist (HMU) helps get us to that "look" we expect to see from corporate commercials, editorial photoshoots, music videos, and broadcast media.  

Because video production (and photography) is shot in pieces over a few hours, visual continuity is critical.  A HMU Artist monitors your appearance throughout the day, so you can focus on other aspects of the shoot.  This includes flyaway hairs, turned up colors, flop sweat, etc. 

- If you forgo make-up, you’ll find is that your skin can actually look quite sickly and unhealthy under the lights which can intensify any imperfections in the skin.  Redness, blotchiness, puffy eyes, oily skin, scars, etc.  An HMU artist can help us get to that "Natural Look."  

- Hair / Make-up is an additional fee that is not included in the production package.  I work with two women who I trust completely (and never receive complaints from clients).

- The only reason anyone has ever requested a reshoot is if they don't like their hair and makeup (usually done by a client's "friend" who was doing a favor) . 

- Remember, this is an investment in yourself and your brand or business, and it should be taken seriously.