Why is equipment rental not included?


What a truly excellent question!  For starters, we are not an equipment rental house.  Secondly, we don't want to be limited by being in possession of a piece of equipment your job does not need. Based on our assessment of your project's needs, we will then discuss the most appropriate camera package for your project.

Staying true to our philosophy of simplification, we have a trusted vendor that we've had a successful working relationship with for the better part of a decade. If you go through our vendor: 

- Rental is billed on your one invoice.

- You waive insurance and accountability for broken equipment. That's on our insurance.

- You're not responsible for returning equipment to the rental house (you'll be exhausted after the shoot, anyway).

If you do not go through our vendor and want to rent from a facility, typically, you would need:

- Certificate of insurance or purchase of an insurance waiver.

- A Credit card (if no insurance).  Cash value of the equipment would be frozen to cover the entire rental period, from pickup/delivery date through date of return.  You are responsible for damages / liability, even if you are not operating the equipment.

- Return equipment on time to the facility or be charged a late fee (in the working condition you rented it, or else!).