Creative Editing

The footage has been shot. Now it's time to take it to the next level.  We take your shot project from offline through finishing. 

From teasers, theatrical trailers to sizzle reels. We believe successful video editing is a collaboration between our team and our clients, with communication and an open exchange of ideas. Throughout the editing process, we will work closely with you to ensure that the outcome matches your vision (or better!).

Among our Creative Editing services:

Theatrical trailer editing

Commercial editing

Feature film editing


"Working with Andrew Lee Imaging was seamless and I loved the way  key components of the film were broken down into great 1 minute storytelling. I have no doubt it assisted in getting us the attention the film needed, which was a theatrical release window, and now on Showtime!"

- Robbie Bryan, Director, "The Eyes"


Based on the trailer Andrew Lee Imaging crafted, "SAM" picked up distribution at the American Film Market.

- Nicholas Brooks, Director, "Sam"


"My first feature film was a total beast.  Four cameras needed proper syncing to tell a coherent story that I wanted to be scary, funny and surprising. Andrew Lee Imaging also created a 10 second VFX animation and composite, as well as painted out discrepancies in shots. Andrew Lee Imaging was a godsend gift, which ultimately landed me a distribution deal with FilmBuff / Cinetic!"  

-Stefan Haverkamp, Director, "Bury", "Ratter"