What's my payment plan look like?  How do I confirm our shoot?


To confirm your booking, you must first sign and return a work agreement and pay an initial retainer (this amount which will be deducted from your total cost).  Your contract will be sent to you via email and then archived in your account along with your invoices.

Acceptable forms of payment can be found here.

Retainer:  An initial retainer and signed contract are required to secure our services and proceed with booking / confirmation*.  Your retainer will be deducted from your total cost. 

*A signed work agreement without a retainer does not lock our services or the shoot date.  

Video Production Payment Plans: Payment plans are split up into the three phases of production: 

1. Retainer: Secures our services and confirms the shoot date and covers pre-production (the planning phase), consultation.  Retainer is due no later than the date in the agreement.

2. Production day: Covers cost of the equipment rental, on-set operations, and hair-makeup artist.

3. Post Production: Covers the editorial process, which entails artfully assembling what was filmed through movement, light, color, and shape.  Deliverables sent to client upon receipt of payment. 

Photography Payment Plans: Payment plans are split up into two phases.

1. Retainer: Confirms the shoot date and covers consultation.

2. Production day:  The photo shoot.  The remaining balance will be due by the date of our shoot.

Cancellation Policy:  

1. Should an unpredictable occurrence arise (i.e., weather related, if the shoot was outdoors, death in the family, illness, etc), the shoot will be rescheduled / rebooked at no penalty.  

2. Should you absolutely find it necessary to cancel, notification must be written by e-mail no later than 48 hours before the scheduled shoot date. The work agreement is NOT cancelled until this is received.   You will be charged a percentage for the pre-production/planning work completed up to this point, as per our contractual duties.  The remaining balance of the retainer will be returned within 3-5 business days.